Friday, May 22, 2009

Delhi Dhaba, OMR, Thoraipakkam

This is one of the many dhaba clones springing up all over Chennai nowadays.

This had whitewashed interior walls with posters of Nargis, Mukesh Kumar, Raj Kapoor, etc. In addition, they also had tribal arts displayed, seemed out of place. This place seems to 

be tailored specifically for the IT crowd with long tables that can seat upto 15 people (the project team).

I started with  Mutton  Shorba, it was just kind of OK, not matching up to the standards set by a certain other Dhaba in Teynampet. It was just good to open my taste buds. We were a 

fairly large group, so instead of ordering many starters, we followed the suggestion of the waiter, and ordered two starter-platters - one Indian, and one Chinese. Turned out to be a 

bad decision. The Chinese platter was unpalatable (by Indian standards at least) and many declined to eat it. The Indian platter was good, with a good mix of tandoori items, kebabs, 

a whole fish (pomfret) fry, and lots of onions. The reason for ordering a platter was to reduce our cost of ordering many dishes, however, ordering 5 different starters would've cost us 

less than this one platter.

For roties, we went with the bread basket as suggested by the waiter. We got one roti of each type. It wasn't enough, so we ordered two baskets. Turns out, one was too less and two 

too many for us :-) Since we already filled our stomachs with just the starters, we were not able to eat much of it. In addition, we had ordered chicken briyani, AND mutton briyani - as 

suggested by the waiter. He must have had a good table that day. With the usual side dishes - garlic chicken, mutton rogan ghost, we had just enough  to soak all the roties in.

For desserts, we had matka kulfi,  - kulfi in a mud pot, carrot halwa with ice cream, gulab jamoon with ice cream. Anything with ice cream tastes better. 

Ambience: 6.5/10. The place was in a decorated shed, with too many IT people.
Service: 7.5/10.  No incidents, neutral.
Food: 6/10. One portion is too little, two portions too much.
Cost: 4/5
Total bill for 8: 4000

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